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João Miguel O. Cotrim
João Miguel O. Cotrim

Short biography:

Graduated in International Relations in 2001 by the Institute of Social and Political Sciences of Lisbon. Hold (i) a Masters of Arts in Media & Cultural Analysis by Loughborough University, England, (ii) a Masters in International Relations with a focus in International Business at the Institute of Social and Political Sciences of Lisbon and (iii) an Executive MBA with a focus in Applied Leadership by Robert Kennedy College of Zurich, Switzerland, validated and awarded by the University of Wales. Researcher currently enrolled in a PhD Program in Management, specialization in Human Resources & Organizational Behavior at ISCTE Business School, Lisbon, Portugal. As a one-off project, I was Director of Human Resources at ALCR Business Group. I was a Fellow Lecturer of Team Management - granted in 2015 with an ISCTE-IUL Internal Grant aimed at developing my teaching skills and technical competencies relevant for my PhD scientific training. I've published articles in the Journal Executive Digest and academic works by Publisher Bubok of Portugal. I was Speaker at schools of executive education in São Paulo (Brazil), Braga and Leiria (Portugal) and Speaker at the 2nd OFEL International Conference on Governance, Management and Entrepreneurship held in 2014 in Dubrovnik, Croatia, where I presented an alternative model of leadership called "The Mastering of 5 Key Elements". I'm a Mentor of Social Impact Projects at IES - Social Business School (powered by INSEAD); Member of the Editorial Board of the Independent Journal of Management & Production (IJM&P).

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